Geodetic services in construction


Complex surveying work-related with prospecting, design, construction (installation) and operation of sites is defined as a specific portion of geodesy Geodesy in the construction.

Geodetic photograph (shooting)

Surveying photograph (shooting) from earth observation image specify the location of specific points, which are subsequently applied to a plan, model number or card.

The determination of the position of points is done by means of geodetic work base, a network of permanently stabilized on the surface markers with precisely determined coordinates in a horizontal position and height.


Under tracing is meant to mark the site of various points, made planes or surfaces, coordinate data, which are previously known.

In laying out the mutual position of points is determined on the basis of a drawing plan or a digital model to be implemented on site.

Tachymetric picture

Tachymetric picture photo is made both horizontal and vertical image of the area. It is based on the polar method of shooting, i.e. measuring the directions and lengths.

As a result of tachymetric image is obtained relief model of the surface, which is used in the initial stage of all engineering and design activities.

Geoengineering offers the following services related to this area:


  • Tracing linear objects - canals, roads, overhead and underground out and others.
  • Tracing area sites - buildings, facilities etc.
  • Height and the planned tracing for the needs of construction works
  • Making level projects for streets
  • Determination of elevation "Zero" - transport, measurement verification and documentation of construction levels
  • Measurement and verification of the nest ("ridge" and "fascia")
  • Determination of volumes of excavations
  • Issue a report on building line

The establishment of a protocol for determining the construction line and level and control levels of authentication - earthwork, fascia (arrow) and ridge (§5, item 54 of LT) provides the execution of the work in accordance with the approved projects and authorized construction on the proper disposal and to control level benchmarks (§ 5, item 60 of LT), spacing to the control lines (boundaries of the property), distance to buildings and structures in the property and adjacent land and the size of the designed building, absolute levels of the controlled nest.