Street and court regulation in regulation land (RL), which is identified on the drawings with roman numerals after which follow the figures of Arab property.

If the parcel has entered into force urban process may proceed to issue a visa. If not, working structural plan (WSP) is made, which is provided for approval, under certain conditions of the neighbors property.

In the absence of objections, WSP shall enter into force and shall apply for a visa. For areas, where there is no cadastral maps adopted regulation applies construction plan, approved by the municipality.

Maintaining regulatory plans are made for:

  • Changes in street or court regulation
  • Extensions to the adjustment plan

Object of maintenance are copies of the adjustment plan and tracing and coordinated network and end-court tracing carnets.

For all services rendered by the company, owners need to submit:

  • Current sketch (the validity of which is 6 months) issued by the technical department of the municipality
  • Document of ownership (deed or judicial decision in possession)

Maintenance plans for vertical planning is done through:

  • Changes due to new state and public needs in the territory of the locality;
  • Extension of the adjustment plan

Vertical planning services:

Made direct geodetic shooting formed in separate folders.

Vertical project planning is developed based on the following materials:

  • Surveying picture made by the company, etc. (M 1:250)
  • General plan for the site
  • Architectural drawings for the site

This project defines a zero-cycle elevation of the building, drawings in vertical planning are addressed in the space around it.

In the drawing of the earth kartograma tables give details of the flooring and summarized quantitatively account for the site.The site is designed as in the pit, and in bulk.

For the purposes of routing plan tracing is made on site and apply tracing carnet allowing tracing of the building and all items subject to development.