Hydro sites

Geoengineering makes research and design of hydro, irrigation, agricultural and industrial sites:

  • Hydro equipment and sites (dams, hydroelectric plants, tunnels, strengthening the landslides, all types of landfills, roads and bridges)
  • Hydromeliorative objects (drainage and irrigation systems, pumping stations, reclamation of land), adjustments of river beds, dams, embankments
  • Constructions for protection from erosion
  • Treatment plants for wastewater and drinking
  • Landfill for municipal solid and hazardous waste
  • Water supply and sanitation
    • Identifying sites under the category of art. 137 of the LT
    • Comprehensive and detailed view of the capture site
    • Available project development, including hydrological, engineering - geological and hydrogeological studies
    • Hydraulic and statistical calculations
    • Graphic applications - longitudinal and transverse profiles, situations, sections and details of equipment to sites, Kish, spillways and operating roads
    • Hydro, construction - structural, mechanical and electrical part development and others in accordance with Regulation № 4 for the scope and content of investment projects
    • Organization and implementation of the LT, with the necessary building construction - construction drawings, details and volumes, divided into individual construction stages
    • Quantity - valuable bills incurred for completing the LT dams and facilities to them
    • Plan for safety of the site in accordance with the requirements of Regulation № 2 from Ministry of Transport and MRDPW.
  • An update of the work projects is made for the determination of construction works (CW) and the necessary funds to complete the dam, construction of against encircling filtration systems, repair of elevators and lifting equipment channel, restoration of catchments, strengthening of the landslides and others.