Road design

Geoengineering provides services, related to determining the routes, reconstructions of agricultural roads and rehabilitation of roads of national road network.

  • Determination the category of road according to its field conditions and intensity of movement of an object category
  • Determination category of site under the Law on Territory
  • Identifying geological and hydrogeological conditions of the road routes
  • Shooting the project routes and picketing points of work geodetic network
  • Development of conformed technically and economically efficient solutions for the reconstruction of roads in accordance with the plan of land
  • Determination under "Standards for the design of farm roads" of main technical parameters of the road and project solutions:
    • Crossing roads to communications
    • Land-based road
    • Drainage and road pavement
    • Road embankment and pit in the road body
  • Development Plan of the way, longitudinal and cross sections, working drawings of the facilities (supporting walls, drain pipes etc..) if necessary the construction of such
  • Quantity and value accounts for road and earth works, facilities
  • Plan for health and safety of the site in accordance with the requirements for health and safety in carrying out construction and installation works of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) and Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW)
  • Making parcel plan and application of the elements of the Map of Restored Ownership