Maintaining a map recovered ownership


Map of restored ownership (MRO) combines data from land plan map of the existing old real boundaries of agricultural land, established in accordance with the ownership and use of agricultural land and the map of restored ownership of forests and forestry land, established under the Law on Ownership and Restoration of Forests and Land Forestry (LORFLF).

Maintaining of MRO is done at the request of natural or legal persons or service. Payment of services under Regulation 49 is made in Tariff of charges, published in the Official Gazette, copy 81 of 12.09.2003.

Geoengineering offers the following services related to MPR:

  • Restoration of ownership of agricultural land and forests in accordance with LORFLF.

    Decisions of MRO for recovery of property in the old real boundaries; Decisions of recovery property with a plan to land; Decision of compensation with lands;

  • Geodetic activities to recover the property (recording, tracking) –

    Existing estate and recoverable old real boundaries are identified and traced; a sketch is issued for approval by MAO, which in turn prepares protocol for the shot record or protocol of property in possession of the tracing property.

  • Shooting and coordination of the area and linear objects and /or perennial crops.
  • Tracing and /or shooting and coordinating the boundaries of the property – it carried out by authorized persons, registered under Article 12 pt.7 of LCPR for a period not longer than 20 working days;

    The company issued records for tracing property and Protocols for building coverage in line.

  • Adding changes in MRO, occurring in the implementation of infrastructure projects of State importance.
  • Adding effective solutions of the Committee on Article 17, of the Law for the protection of Agriculture Lands (LPAL)
  • Coverage of investment projects implemented in Law on Territory (LT)
  • Introduction of changes in the register of owners and property in the register - the registration of purchase and sale, partition, inheritance, gifts, replace judgments
  • Bringing in the digital model of MRO of engineering and infrastructure, buildings and equipment. These data are entered in the MRO at request of stakeholders, and it is provided and adopted in "ZEM" format following an geodetic shooting
  • Numbering parcels of Parcelar plans (for profit yards)
  • Preparation of a sketch of the property. -

    a sketch of land is a copy of the MRO, and reflects the state of the property at the date of issue in accordance with the data in the register. It is valid for a period of 6 months and must be recertified of MAO in case of absence of changes in data properties.

  • Producing a copy of the card or its part -

    per sq. m. on the map on plotter paper, tracing paper, paper heliograph on hard matter - mulinex and others.

  • Making a lot of property incl. data for the property owners, property rights, servitude, lease and lease claims, mortgages, foreclosure and other charges, administrative restrictions of using.
  • Making a sketch - project to separate or join Property –

    The sketch is accompanied by documentation which contains data properties that are split or merged, data owner, mortgages, administrative limitations and data for new properties and their owners.

  • Change the way of sustainable use of land -

    carried out after application in MAO and in view of the property designated by the Committee to establish modification.

  • Preparing oral and written reports and consultations on lands -

    everyone may require reference to the entries in the records of individual Property subject to the Law on Protection of Personal Data and the Law on Classified Information.

  • Coverage/Remove servitudes and removal of restrictions on use, of claims for property, arrests and other charges on property, mortgages, limited property rights and others.
  • Coverage / Remove lower levels (categories RTP, buildings)
  • Making a copy of the carnet tracing property, to enter and /or provide coordinates (x, y) of boundary points of property - to be provided officially certified by the company for technical implementation of activities and MAO.
  • Providing coordinates of points on the backbone network with bench mark and /or border points of property.
  • Registration of a lease or rental of issuing license for leasing and rental, and early termination of these contracts
  • Coverage / extension / termination of the sublease, releasing, management of forests
  • Providing balance on characteristics: type of destination area

    - property type
    - way of lasting use
    - soil category and others.
    (in paper and digital media)

  • Information about the available information from the register of array -

    includes data for all properties in a given array of land: the number, location, owner, Sustainable Way Using (SWU), category, area.